Divine Comedy - Hell
Art Direction, Editorial Design, Graphic Design

The book was chosen for the Editorial Design discipline as an object book project. The box contains the three stages of Dante's journey, but due the deadline, only the first part, Inferno, was conceived.
College project created in 2020.
Design: Bruno Fernandes, Guillermo Fernandes, Henrique Afonso, Kevin Plada, Marcos Makoto
Art Direction: Henrique Afonso
Creative Direction: Guillermo Fernandes​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Isolated from Florence due to political differences, Dante spent that time of solitude writing what would be his greatest work, the Divine Comedy, religious production in both theme and composition, guided by the 3. Trinity. Hell, Purgatory and Paradise. 
As key concepts of the project, Divine, Journey and Modern were chosen. 
The iconography around the "Divine" concept is usually full of flourishes and ornaments, which end up translating the subjective value. To differentiate themselves from this aesthetic, minimalism and the economy of forms were chosen. Talk a lot with little.
It was also thought about the user's reading experience, which was enriched with signs and complementary materials.
The summary has gained more attention and its layout also includes which circle Dante is in accordance with the chapter.
Through a transparent sheet the reader is able to complement the graphic representation of Hell Map.
There is also a representation of Dante's journey in the black page, in which the author and Virgil are indicated in Hell, while Beatrice awaits them in Paradise.
Every chapter beginning is diagrammed in order to depict what is happening in this part.
Each end of the chapter contains an engraving referring to an event of this stage, as well as the author and the technique used.
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