Domínio Público's Catalogue
Editorial Design, Graphic Design, Illustration
Domínio Público - which can be translated as "Public Domain" -  was my graduation project based in the relation of the inhabitant and its house and how it changed due the Covid-19 pandemic.
College project created in 2021.
To approach it, I made observation drawings from my house and sent in postcards asking the adressees to interfere with scribbles, collage etc. and pass it away, always replying me with what they've done so I could catalogue it.
With the replies, I conceived Domínio Público's Catalogue, containing the tranformation of the postcards, some interpretations and the artworks individually.​​​​​​​
For the epigraph I took a quote from french phenomenologist Maurice Merleau-Ponty that means "The goal is to mark our contact with the object and espectacle... It's a testemony and no longer a information provision".
As the back cover, I put the instructions that followed the postcard, meaning that the artwork lives in the movement, as mail artists defended. The catalogue is just a part of what keeps going. It's a record of a flowing river.
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