Music and More
Graphic Design, Illustration
These are some of the drawings that I made throughout 2022, in which I tried to combine the illustration style to the message it conveys. This challenge came from my experience in Graphic Design, where each project requires new directions and references. I also remembered a phrase from a typography professor in college: "The letter communicates twice: from the letter and the form", and then I realized that illustration and typography share some coincidences in the way they convey ideas.
Music and More (2022)
Personal Project​​​​​​​
HAIM (2022)​​​​​​​
Lenny Bruce (2022)​​​​​​​
Spider People (2022)​​​​​​​
Velvet Underground & Nico (2022)​​​​​​​
ABBA (2022)​​​​​​​
Pale Blue Eyes (2022)​​​​​​​
There will be hexa (2022)
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