Oficial Poster of the Short Film "God & Co."
Graphic Design, Illustration
Synopsis: "When the boss calls you in for a urgent meeting on sunday, something really serious is going on. Mr. G needs a quick fix and Mr B's accomplishments are not helping at all."
Oficial poster of the short film God & Co. (Alexandre Bertella Rodrigues, 2022)
Art Direction: Gus Kondo
Illustration: Henrique Afonso
Graphic Design: Gus Kondo and Henrique Afonso
Comercial project created in 2022.​​​​​​​
One of the scenes that marked us the most was this one where God is reading a newspaper, for referring to its omniscience, so we were inspired by it to compose the illustration. Another important reference was Madmen (2007) key art, in which there is a silhouette of Don Draper smoking while sitting in an armchair. The option to not show its face bring a mistery to the character, a thing that we looked for as a way to dialogue with the brazilian title "Deus S/A" ( join-stock company or Sociedade Anônima, in literal translation: anonymous society).​​​​​​​
​​​​​​​For the title, we opted for "Futura Bold" font, used in 80's Nike advertisements, which dialogues with the corporative universe of advertising in Madmen (2007). Also, the Bold weight and its size following the width size reinforce the imponence of God's character.
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