The Batman Poster Series
Digital Painting, Illustration, Poster Design
​​​​​​​Since the very first images of the new Batman movie came out I was sold for its visual and conceptual approach, so I decided to make this three posters as a homage to this new Batman universe. Two of then are focused in the hero itself, showing his "blindness" and dark tatics. Quoting him self "fear is a tool".
Personal project created in 2022.
Bruce Wayne is so focused on being the Batman that he can't realise its harming him, almost like a riddle he can't solve.
My main goal with the Riddler poster was to show his distorted sense of justice while illustrating his role in the movie, coming from the shadows to the light.
Last but not least it's this dark poster of Batman. Since fear is a tool, lets blend his silhouette with the background and turn the noise into bats. Very creepy.
The mockups were made through Unsplash photos. Credits below.
Photo by Mick Haupt
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